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“What can I say... 52kg down. Changed my life!!!”

“How the earth did I get to 148kg. I struggled a lot, I was low on energy, didn't want to do much, felt embarrassed at the gym or fitness classes. I have found the best coach and learnt the principles that I needed to and I even enjoy them now. Thanks Coach Marcell"

Zaed Ajub

Best part is my energy and confidence”

“I Have struggled with my weight for a long period of time. Tried different diets, bootcamps, nothing seamed to work. Until I discovered Kalman Method. This approach clearly changed my life. Went on losing 14kg in 6 months, now I have heaps of energy and I am loving my body."

Bethany Moore

“It's a pinch moment for me. I was booked in for a surgery when I found Kalman Method”

“It's a pinch moment for me. I was booked in for a surgery to cut some of my bowels out when I meat Marcell. It was a Friday my appointment for the surgery was on Monday. I said to him don't waist my time can you help me or not? His answer was straight and sharp. I want on losing 38kg, never ended up doing the surgery. He has changed my life and with the knowledge and the tules he gave me, my family's life forever as well. Thank you Coach"

Majid Moafa

“Change your mindset change your life”

“I was a professional dieter. I have tried everything under the sun. I did well with them for a couple of days sometimes a week, the longest one was 2 weeks, but than straight back to where I was or even put more weight on. I am so grateful that I have come across Kalman Method, I wish I did years ago. Lost 9kg in 8 weeks, completely reshaped my body, lost over 47cm all over my body. Now I am loving my new look, have heaps more energy. I did all of this without starving myself or eating yucky food. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You Marcell

Amanda Craits

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