About Marcell Kalman 
                             Exercise Physiologist 
                       Former Olympian

Marcell Kalman is a Health & Wellness and Performance Coach

As an athlete I was always striving to stand out with my performance. For me it was never just about the look. It was much more about being strong, agile, fast, mobile (flexible) and the look became the bi-product of my lifestyle. 

My coaching is very unique as people say.. I looked at what made a major difference regarding becoming the top 1% of the world! Including winning a world championship and being part of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. What I found is there is a combination of 3 things I had to do in the right order and right amount.

20% Exercise 80% Nutrition & 100% Mindset!!!

When I came to Australia I find myself struggling keeping my exercise going, had a hard time paying attention on eating healthy, I found it hard keeping myself motivated. I didn't have a support network. I found myself in a spot where I didn't feel like working out, didn't feel like eating and even talking to people. It was hard and very important battle in my life. I have learnt one of the most important lession of my life, that sometimes is Ok not to be Ok. And than there is a way to build myself up again to a happy, healthy, strong man, father, husband. 

KalmanMethod is for people who had enough of feeling down, had enough of being low on energy, had enough of how they look. It's a place where excuses don't work, where people back each-other, where we create habits and lifestyle instead of quick fixes, where go getters come together. 


KalmanMethod is a community where you learn to work out, learn about nutrition and more importantly learn about making a mindset shift, to become the best version of yourself. 

Whether you are an athlete or stay at home mom or working in the office the foundation of getting lean and strong is the same. We all have to have a routine that will make us to get into the best shape of our lives.

About KalmanMethod

Aesthetics becomes a bi-product of your movement and nutrition.

Our methods are a very different and gets great results!

We take a holistic approach to training utilising a variety of methods to achieve optimal health including gymnastics progressions, calisthenics and bodyweight training, mobility techniques, functional training and movement pattern correction, weightlifting and Olympic lifting practices, yoga principles, and foundations of strength and conditioning and most importantly nutrition.

We predominately use our natural outdoor environment to train, so you’ll often find us in parks and beaches.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting up of advanced in your training, we’ve got you covered!

It’s time for you to look and feel years younger, move better, live and function pain free, and set and achieve performance and life goals.

Ultimately, we want to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

There’s no better time to start than today.

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