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 Personal Training For Senior People  At Your Own Home

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In the past it was often thought that getting older was a time to slow down and take it easy. Thanks to medical research, we now know that staying active throughout our senior years not only delays the ageing process but also significantly improves our well-being and quality of life.

In fact, many of the health problems associated with older age such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and joint problems are in many cases, simply the result of leading a more sedentary lifestyle.

Through a combination of specially tailored aerobic, strength training and stretching exercises, we will help you to dramatically improve your health and mobility. Engaging in a light to moderate exercise programme will help to boost your energy levels and enable you to lead an active life as you get older. Many aspects of our service, are designed with our senior clients in mind. The aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with your new exercise regime.

Step 1: You will begin with a free consultation and a 30-minute taster session during so you can experience mobile personal training first-hand. I will introduce some of the exercises and workouts I would be looking to install in your programme, should you decide to sign up.

Step 2: Thereafter you can sign up for 1 session/week, two sessions/week or 3 sessions/week. All sessions are 45 minutes long, and I will come to your home or we can meet in a park near you. This means, you save travel time and costs as we bring the workouts directly to you.

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About Us

My Moto is: Training NOT Draining!

Our methods are a very different, hanse we get amazing results! We take a holistic approach to training, utilising a variety of methods to achieve the best health passible. Our methods includes gymnastics progressions, bodyweight training, mobility techniques, functional training and movement pattern correction, yoga principles, and foundations of strength training. We predominately use your natural environment to train, your own home or parks near you.

It doesn’t matter what your training background is we’ve got you covered! It’s time for you to look and feel years younger, move better, live and function pain free, and set and achieve performance and life goals. Ultimately, we want to help you to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself..

Hi, I am Marcell Kalman

I am an Exercise Physiologist and a former Olympian. 

I have learnt throughout my 19 years of competing and 10 years of training people, that Physical Exercises has to be training NOT Draining!!! Therefore you have to feel better after exercises that when you have started. If thats not the case, something is wrong. My approach is very simple its 20% Exercise 80% Nutrition & 100% Mindset. 

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What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

“Marcell Has Helped Me After a Major Motorbike Accident”

“Marcell has helped me overcome a number of long term injuries that were affecting my life. He has guided me on how to balance my nutritional intake in combination with a very personalized training regime that has really made a difference to my health and lifestyle. He is very knowledgeable, has good understanding of how to motivate a client to achieve their full potential, and has a very pleasant personality."


Shane Melaugh

“Marcell Has Helped Me Added Years To My Life”

“Marcell has helped me to add years to my life and I'm finally pain free. I also managed to lose 22kg over a period of a 12months. Now I no longer have back pain, have more energy and enjoy exercising.”