Summer Ready Workouts – Kalman Method

Summer Ready Workouts

Summer is here. Is your body where you wanted to be this summer? are you summer ready? 

If ​you are like so many other of us, its probably an OMG summer is here... situation.

But don't worry too much, here is what I do when I wanna make a quick drastic change in may body.​

#1 Interval Training

Higher intensity cardio is great for quickly get you into shape as you burn more calories during and after workout than with any other way of exercises. Its called, EPOC. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Interval training also helps relieve stress by allowing you to work at higher intensities for shorter periods of time, making the workout effective and efficient.

Try it:

  1. Choose any activity you like (running, walking, etc.)
  2. Warm up for 5-10 minutes
  3. Increase intensity (adding hills, incline, resistance and/or speed) so that you're working at Level 7-8 on this perceived exertion scale for 30-60 seconds.
  4. Reduce intensity and recover for 2 or more minutes
  5. Repeat intervals for 20 or more minutes

#2 Circuit Training

Circuit training can help you save time in your workouts. By combining exercises and moving quickly, you get fit and get more done in less time. As a bonus, the variety of exercises keeps your mind and body engaged, making your workouts more fun.

Try it:

  1. Choose 8-10 exercises, mixing compound moves, like squats and pushups with cardio moves, like jogging in place or jumping  jacks, leg raises, burpees, high knees running. 
  2. Perform each exercise, one after the other, for 30 seconds on 10  seconds rest
  3. Repeat for 1-3 circuits
  4. End with a Cool down: Stretches 

Do the exercises as fast as you can doing as many repetition as you can with full movements. 

Let us know how did you go.​

#3 Time to work out

No pain, no gain. If you want to strengthen and define your muscles, tone your body and get in the shape of your life, you need to put up with the pain and work through it. Don’t let that fear of muscle soreness keep you from training. See it as a reward for your hard work. One that will get better in time. And in the end, result in progress. Start your training on your level. With the Coach, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced athlete, your training plan will be tailored to you so you progress fast and efficiently. Start now and turn burning muscles into incredible results.

#4 Limit the soreness, boost the results

Sore muscles are a sign of your hard work. But still, you can help your body to recover faster with the right nutrition. Eating clean will not only boost your performance but also speeds up muscle regeneration. Get the 42 Fat Burning Recipes now and feed your muscles with healthy, result-boosting recipes as well as gaining access to daily meal plans that are exactly tailored to your needs. The best thing about it:  Clean eating has never been more effective or enjoyable.

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